The indicator you are about to take

The Entrepreneur Leader Manager (ELM) indicator is a powerful personal profiling tool which helps individuals to understand how they engage with the process of change and how their perspective may help or hinder them in moving forward into the future. It can also be used to profile individuals in the context of their management team and their peer group to get further understanding of their interactions together.

The ELM indicator is not a psychometric test and it does not tell you about your personality. What it will help you to understand is how your current outlook may affect your perspective in relation to your work, your colleagues and your organisations objectives.

Completing the indicator will generate your personal profile based on the answers you provided in the form of a pie chart. You’ll also have the option to generate your report, which will allow you to download the ELM PDF report, giving insight and analysis relating to your profile. The report will explain what your results mean and how your current outlook could impact you and your interactions with others.

Follow the link to the next page to start the indicator where you can complete the 40 multiple-choice questions. Note the heading on each page to give you the context of the choice. Please also complete the details form following the test. This will ensure that we are able to re-send your test should you need us to, and will also enable you to compare your results should you re-test in due course.

We hope you enjoy and benefit from this valuable exercise.